The Chairperson of the Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee (AAPC), Wendy Payne, announced today the issuance of Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Technical Release 16 (TR 16), Implementation Guidance for Internal Use Software.

The guide was developed by the Internal Use Software working group with representatives from 10 agencies and two private firms. Ms. Payne said that “without the assistance of our volunteers this much needed guidance would not have been made available. The group’s work is a commendable example of cross agency collaboration.”

The implementation guidance in TR 16 assists reporting entities in implementing Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards (SFFAS) 10, Accounting for Internal Use Software.  Since FASAB issued SFFAS 10 in 1998, software development practices have changed dramatically and reporting entities have experienced challenges applying the standards given the new terminology and techniques that have evolved.

The TR provides:

  1. Definitions and guidance regarding recognition, measurement, and disclosure requirements;
  2. New challenges brought by changes in IUS development practices since the issuance of SFFAS 10; and
  3. Management’s role in applying SFFAS 10.

The technical release is available at