Austin Associates

Austin Associates, P.A. was founded in 1950 by Earl Austin, Jr. It was always Earl’s belief that a great accounting firm must be built on trust. He took great care to instill this philosophy in all those who worked for him, including his son, Stephen Austin, former company President.

Stephen Austin shares his father’s values and beliefs. Along with building a corporate culture based on trust, Steve has always given special attention to the changing needs of his employees and those of small business owners. As these needs have increased in complexity, Austin Associates has stayed well ahead of the curve, providing cutting edge strategies in tax planning and cash flow management.

Austin Associates now employs over thirty people in two offices and provides a wide variety of services to small business owners as well as individuals. The services provided by any one of their C.P.A.’s are very specific and customized to each individual or business.

The needs of their clients have changed over the years, but Earl’s emphasis on building trusting relationships remains the cornerstone of Austin Associates.

As Austin Associates embarks on a third generation of professionals, the services provided by the firm have become sharper and more comprehensive than ever before.

They have combined an exceptional depth of knowledge with, what can only be described as sheer enthusiasm. The result is something truly powerful and unique. It is no wonder that Austin Associates is consistently chosen by the serious small business person in Maine.

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