The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board imposed sanctions on three audit firms, along with engagement partners at two of the firms, for violating independence requirements while auditing broker-dealer clients. Two of the firms and two engagement partners admitted to the violations, a first for the PCAOB. The three firms were Berkow, Schechter & Company LLP… Read More

The staff of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board published an inspection brief  on April 19 that previews the results of 2015 inspections of broker and dealer auditors. “This staff inspection brief offers an advance view of 2015 inspection results for auditors of broker-dealers,” said Helen Munter, PCAOB Director of the Division of Registration and… Read More

The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board today issued a proposal to strengthen existing requirements and impose a more uniform approach to a lead auditor’s supervision of other auditors. The Board requests public comment on its proposal by July 29, 2016. In many audits, particularly those of large, multinational companies, important audit work is performed by… Read More